The French Culture Centre (L’Espace) and the Goethe Institute in Hanoi are calling on artists to join a project on hip hop dance and traditional and contemporary art.

This project comes from the love for Vietnam of Sebastien Ramirez, a French choreographer, and Raphael Hillebrand, a German dancer.

Two years ago, Ramirez cooperated with choreographer Storm Robitzky and Vietnamese hip-hop band Big Toe to create and perform a hip-hop dance named Traffic in Hanoi

They will come to Vietnam in September to seek for the co-operation with Vietnamese artists. They will spend three days, from September 11-13 for the casting of hiphop dancers, traditional dancers, contemporary dancers and also musicians playing folk musical instruments.

Artists will have to perform one extract from a dance item or a freestyle dance and a short dance requested by the examiners. While instrumentalists will have to play a piece of music that they like and play another piece of music based on their inspiration from a set context.

Dancers and instrumentalists can register for the contest at the Hanoi Goethe Institute, 56-58 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Hanoi or L’Espace, 24 Trang Tien, Hanoi.

The winners will be trained. The project is expected to be completed in December. After the programme is performed in Vietnam, it will be taken to Jakarta, Indonesia.

Source: Nhandan