Giac Mo Trinh (Trinh’s Dream), is organized by artists and founders of the Trinh Ca Club founded 15 years ago as a rendezvous for audiences and singers who love music composed by Trinh Cong Son.

Located in Cau Giay district, Trinh Ca Club hosts music shows featuring Trinh and other outstanding composers of Vietnamese love and romantic music. Weekly, the live shows are also live streamed on its Fanpage to serve audiences abroad. With its activities, Trinh Ca plays an important role in the development of Vietnamese contemporary music.

Young singer Hoang Trang performs at Trinh Ca Club.

To mark 15 years since its establishment, Trinh Ca Club co-operated with Vang Son Mot Thuo Company to organize Trinh’s Dream, under the direction of famous musician Nguyen Quang who have directed many music shows nationwide. The concert shows will be held on April 1 and 2 at Hanoi Opera House.

According to Quang, Trinh’s Dream shows do not delve into the biography of the late musician Trinh Cong Son or how the songs were born, but explore how the songs affect audiences and singers.

“Everybody will have a different perspective," said Quang.

"The songs will follow each other to express each person's dreams and thoughts. The message of the program is to love each other and help each other build our dreams and aspirations. Everyone will discover themselves in it."

Audiences will enjoy 20 famous songs that have a strong position in Vietnamese audiences’ hearts. However, these songs are remixed to bring a new feeling to audiences.

They are remixed in acoustic style and there will be 60 microphones arranged on the stage to amplify the sound. The director doesn’t use other digital and electronic equipment to preserve the modest and truthful sound from the voice of singers and the beat of instruments.

Singer Le Tam said that Trinh Ca's familiar artists and audiences will come to the music night as a pilgrimage to Trinh's realm. What connects listeners and singers is the empathy in those ideas and philosophies.

She said, "Some people say that the more Trinh's music is heard, the more absorbed you are, the more you understand and the more you love it. There are songs to listen to today, listen to tomorrow, but sometimes they take years to understand and take in."

The concerts will feature generations of singers famed with Trinh's songs, including those born in the 1970s like Bich Ngoc, Mai Loan, Thanh Huong and also those born 1990s like Hoang Trang or Trinh Tri Anh. That continuation of generations is essential to maintain the goodness of Trinh’s music and love that Trinh Ca's teahouse has pursued for many years. Among them, Hoang Trang, 25, is a young singer who has become a phenomenon recently with new expressions of Trịnh’s famous songs.

The night shows mark 22 years since the talented musician passed away, but the people who built Trinh Ca expect to let his love and faith in the good things in life continue into a non-stop flow.

Through this, organisers once again affirm the great influence of Trinh Cong Son, "Although he has left the temporary realm for many years, his music always has a strong vitality."

Source: VNA