The event was attended by VNA General Director Vu Viet Trang, KPL General Director Khampheuy Philapha, and representatives from the Lao Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism.

VNA General Director Vu Viet Trang at the online talks on March 29

Assessing the implementation of the professional cooperation agreement for 2016 - 2020, the VNA leader said the sharing of news in different forms between the two news agencies has helped popularize the great friendship, special solidarity, and comprehensive cooperation between the Parties, States, and peoples of Vietnam and Laos.

The two sides have enhanced ties in publication distribution, technical assistance, and personnel training, Trang noted, highlighting that the KPL has effectively assisted with the distribution of Vietnam Pictorial in Laos, helping the VNA publication for foreign service reach out to Lao localities and readers.

Meanwhile, the VNA has helped the Lao counterpart in upgrading technical infrastructure and developing an e-portal in Lao, English, and French languages, along with new forms of information such as video and e-paper, as well as in applying information security solutions.

She appreciated the KPL’s support for the VNA bureau in Vientiane, stressing that the faithful relationship and practical cooperation between the two news agencies have always been upheld and constantly reinforced.

The VNA General Director suggested cooperation activities in 2022, when Vietnam and Laos will mark the 60th founding anniversary of their diplomatic ties (September 5, 1962 - 2022) and 45 years since the signing of the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation (July 18, 1977 - 2022). They include joint photo exhibitions, either online or offline, on the two countries’ relations and continued exchange of text and photo news.

The VNA hopes that the KPL will continue to help with the distribution of the Lao version of Vietnam Pictorial, introduce the VNA’s e-newspapers like Vietnam Pictorial and VietnamPlus on the KPL’s website, and assist VNA correspondents in Laos. In its capacity, the VNA will maintain support in terms of technical infrastructure and technology transfer for the Lao side.

The General Director recommended the two sides organize mutual visits by their leaders to promote all-round relations and discuss cooperation plans for the time to come. They should also sustain coordination within the framework of the Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agencies (OANA) to improve their role and stature at this regional journalism forum.

Besides, the VNA also called for support from the Lao Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism so that the two news agencies’ partnership will be include in the inter-governmental cooperation framework, thereby helping promote communications about the Vietnam - Laos special ties.

At the signing event

Thanking the VNA for its assistance, the KPL General Director affirmed that the two news agencies’ cooperation has been growing continually, especially in terms of news exchange and technical support, which has contributed to the two sides’ development.

Khampheuy Philapha agreed on the VNA’s cooperation proposals and pledged continued support for the VNA bureau in Laos. He said the KPL always views the Vietnamese side as its close friend.

During the talks, the two news agencies’ leaders reached in-principle consensus on cooperation plans for the coming time. They signed an agreement on professional cooperation for 2022 - 2025.

Source: VNA