The event was part of a cooperation agreement between the Vietnamese and Lao National Assemblies.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Chairman of the Vietnamese N.A.’s Committee for Science, Technology and Environment Le Quang Huy said the Lao legislature is considering the issuance of the Law on Survey and Mapping, and the Law on National Border so that its committees want to learn from Vietnam’s experience in the field.

At the event (Photo:

Chairman of the Lao N.A.’s Committee for Foreign Affairs Sanya Praserth said the draft Law on Survey and Mapping will be submitted to the second session of the Lao N.A. for consideration.

He said he wanted to acquire theoretical and practical experience in the drafting as well as Vietnam’s application of countries’ experience in the building and enforcement of the law.

Participants at the event discussed State policies on survey and mapping, process of tool registration, and business conditions, among others, in the field.

Vietnamese lawmakers also shared experience in designing regulations on national border protection in Vietnam’s National Border Law, and those related to forces participating in safeguarding the national borders.

Sanya thanked the Vietnamese N.A. for sharing experience in building and enforcing the law on national border management and protection stressing that they provide important materials for Laos to continue fine-tuning its bill in the near future.

Source: VNA