The event brought together representatives of forest management and protection units in 10 provinces of Vietnam and Laos.

The two agencies agreed to exchange information on new regulations and policies in managing and protecting forests, and timber and wildlife trade; continue mutual support at international forums; share experience in formulating mechanisms, policies and laws; strengthen cooperation in preventing and controlling forest fire along the border areas shared between the two countries; and coordinate to build a system for early detecting and monitoring forest changes.

Participants at the conference

They will also coordinate in deploying many activities to respond to changes in wood and wood products in the international market, especially large ones; improving sustainable forest management ability; and creating favorable conditions for businesses to expand investment in producing and processing forest products in accordance with current laws of the two countries.

The two agencies will work closely to supervise and promote trade in forest products; enhance coordination in preventing illegal cross-border transportation and trade of rare animals and plants; and boost communication and education activities to raise public awareness on forest protection and biodiversity preservation.

They will also coordinate in proposing bilateral programs and projects and mobilizing resources from international organizations to build a cross-border biosphere reserve; monitoring the conservation and restoration of endangered species; and searching for, breeding and restoring the saola (an endangered bovine, scientifically known as pseudoryx nghetinhensis) population in the central area of Truong Son Mountain Range between the two countries.

Vietnam and Laos share a 2,340 km borderline, sketching through 10 Vietnamese provinces which adjoin 10 Lao provinces. The two countries share seven international border gates, and six main border gates.

Source: VNA