The statement underlined the importance of information sharing and coordination in investigation and arrest of criminals engaging in the illegal trading and transport of drugs and drug precursors across the border, with a focus on cracking down on facilities making synthetic drugs.

At the conference 

At the conference, participants shared the view that heroin, synthetic drugs and amphetamine-type stimulants are posing mounting challenges to the global fight against drug and threatening security, health and the well-being of the people, especially youths, in the three countries and the region in general.

Representatives from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia committed priority to measures to effectively combat cross-border drug trafficking, improve the working efficiency of the Border Liaison Office and the capacity of concerned agencies.

Relevant agencies will join hands to organize public awareness campaigns on the danger of drug and related crimes, especially in border areas, as well as build drug-free and crime-free residential areas, contributing to building a borderline of peace and friendship.

The three countries will make efforts to implement the Vision 2015 and fulfill the goal of protecting the ASEAN Community from drug for the 2016-2025 period, and build a drug-free ASEAN Community after 2015, which is also a goal of high priority.

Together with other member states, they will implement the ninth Plan of Action on Drug Prevention and Control in the Greater Mekong Sub-region, focusing on enforcing laws, reducing drug demand and HIV/AIDS infection, and pooling resources for the effort.

Deputy Director of Vietnam’s General Department of Police, Lieut. Gen Dong Dai Loc said Vietnam had signed memorandums of understanding with Laos and Cambodia, under which the country will continue offering training, holding seminars to share expertise with, and providing methadone for Laos and Cambodia.

The Tripartite and Bipartite Ministerial Conference of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos on Drug Prevention and Control has been held annually and alternately among the three nations since 2001.

The next meeting is scheduled to be held in Laos.

Source: VNA