In an article on Vietnam - Cambodia mutual support for the sake of their people published by the Kampuchea Thmey Daily, author Sophal Tuon said in response to the call of the Kampuchean United Front for National Salvation and Cambodian people, the Party, State, people and military of Vietnam exercised their right to self-defense and joined hands with the Cambodian resistance soldiers to wage the struggle to liberate Cambodia from the Pol Pot genocidal regime, leading to the victory on January 7, 1979.

Cambodian people bring juice to volunteer Vietnamese  soldiers, who come to help them fight against the Pol Pot regime.

The article wrote that Cambodia always remembers and is grateful to Vietnam for its participation in the liberation of Cambodia. Vietnam's assistance and sacrifice once again affirmed that the two nations are close friends and had laid a foundation for their sustainable relationship, it said, adding that the bilateral friendship plays an important role in the development of the two peoples, and in maintaining national independence, peace and growth in each country.

The Vietnam - Cambodia good neighborliness and traditional friendship have been increasingly tightened through the exchange of visits by leaders at all levels, the article noted.

It also introduced achievements obtained in the two sides’ cooperation over the past time in border demarcation and marker planting, economy - trade - investment, defense - security, education - training, healthcare, culture - sport, and health. As part of their foreign policy implementation and international integration, the two countries have coordinated and cooperated well at international, regional and sub-regional forums, especially in 2022 when Cambodia held the rotating chairmanship of ASEAN.

In conclusion, it affirmed that in the past 55 years, the two nations have clearly demonstrated to the world a strong, open, and comprehensive relationship, able to withstand the pressure of geopolitical fluctuations regionally and globally.

Source: VNA