International cooperation to manage migration flows is a topic of concern of many countries, Quang said, elaborating that it is necessary to strengthen close cooperation between ASEAN and partner countries, contributing to political stability, economic and social development, and people-to-people exchange between ASEAN and other countries in the region.

Deputy Minister of Public Security Luong Tam Quang attends the ASEAN Plus Three High Level Forum on Migration Policies in Beijing, China, on June 28.

It also effectively addresses challenges in combating human trafficking, illegal immigration and transnational crimes, he added.

Vietnam has actively cooperated with China, Japan and the Republic of Korea to carry out projects and cooperative initiatives in immigration.

He said that the country has signed an agreement with China on enhancing cooperation in combating human trafficking and a memorandum of understanding on immigration management cooperation between the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam and the National Immigration Administration of China.

He went on to say that within the framework of the ongoing visit to China by Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh, the two sides signed a plan implementing a campaign on prevention of illegal entry and exit which will serve as a basis for preventing and fighting against illegal border-crossing activities.

Vietnam has chaired two seminars, namely an ASEAN - Japan conference on applying technology in combating child trafficking and an ASEAN - China workshop on strengthening international cooperation in arresting wanted criminals, the deputy minister said, adding that these seminars affirmed Vietnam's commitment to cooperating with other countries in fighting and preventing illegal entry and exit, human trafficking and other related crimes.

The Vietnamese delegation at the event

Vietnam has also actively coordinated and effectively exchanged information with relevant authorities of other countries through talks and meetings to identify suspects and brokers of illegal entry and exit activities as well as handle cases relating to returning and receiving citizens who violated law.

As an ASEAN member country, Vietnam has always actively participated in cooperation frameworks and regional forums on the management of migration flows, Quang said.

Vietnam highly values the expanded cooperation mechanism of ASEAN Directors-General of Immigration Departments and Heads of Consular Affairs Divisions of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs (DGICM) with partner countries, dialogues to exchange experiences and views on migration management, making an important contribution to promoting legal immigration, improving the efficiency of border management, fighting human trafficking crimes of ASEAN member countries as well as in the whole region, he said.

Source: VNA