The Vietnamese delegation at the virtual event

Tan Chuan-Jin, Speaker of Parliament of Singapore - the host country of the event, said that the 12th AIPA Caucus discussed the implementation of resolutions of the 41st AIPA General Assembly, including the Resolution on “the role of parliaments in promoting ASEAN cohesiveness and economic recovery post-COVID-19” , the Resolution on “Advancing AIPA's role in supporting ASEAN socio-cultural community in responding to COVID-19”, and the Resolution on “the role of women parliamentarians in securing jobs and income for women workers”.

The Vietnamese delegation said amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, ASEAN should pay more attention to restoring supply chains and promoting trade connectivity in parallel with enhancing close cooperation to prevent the spread of the disease, especially cross-border transmission, accelerating COVID-19 vaccine purchase and vaccination, as well as cooperation in vaccine research and development.

The delegation proposed six specific recommendations to AIPA member parliaments, related to many crucial issues such as completing legal framework to facilitate trade and investment activities, ensuring uninterrupted circulation of goods and supply chains in the region.

Delegates at the event

Vietnamese participants also underlined the need to strengthen parliamentary supervision over the implementation of commitments on investment and trade within regional and international frameworks, establish new methods in promoting bilateral trade ties, maintain commitments to opening market in order to enhance the resilience and sustainability of regional supply chains, speed up the application of digital technology in production and business activities and goods consumption through e-commerce platforms.

Representatives from AIPA member countries shared experience in controlling the pandemic and promoting economic recovery amidst the health crisis.

They demonstrated willingness to cooperate for economic growth recovery and green economic development, and realise sustainable development goals after the pandemic, for stability and prosperity of the ASEAN Community, and for the sake of regional people.

The AIPA Caucus was officially established at the 28th AIPA General Assembly in 2007 in Malaysia.

Since the first AIPA Caucus in Malaysia in April, 2009, the meeting has been held annually in ASEAN countries (except 2018). The National Assembly of Vietnam has been an active member of AIPA Caucus. The country successfully organized the fifth AIPA Caucus in 2013, which focused on green growth and poverty reduction for sustainable development in ASEAN.

Source: VNA