In the message, they said the Vietnamese Party, State and people highly value Siphandone’s dedication and brainpower, highlighting his important role in the Lao revolutionary cause and in consolidating the great friendship, special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between the Parties, States and people of Vietnam and Laos.

Former LPRP Chairman and former President of Laos Khamtai Siphandone

They wished Siphadone and his spouse good health, happiness and longevity to stay alongside the Lao Party and State leaders in steering the nation toward even greater achievements in renovation, national construction and defense; successfully implementing the Resolution of the LPRP’s 11th National Congress, and building a country that is peaceful, independent, democratic, united, and prosperous towards the goal of socialism.

"The Vietnamese Party, State and people will work together with the Lao Party, State and people to protect, preserve, and foster the bilateral special solidarity in a practical and effective manner across all fields, bringing benefits to the people of both countries and contributing to maintaining peace in the region and the world," the message read.

Source: VNA