Welcoming the Lao official, Chairman Hue expressed his delight at the strong cooperation between the two countries’ court systems, which he said has helped further enhance the Vietnam - Laos ties.

Viengthong highlighted the close partnership between the supreme court of Laos and its Vietnamese counterpart and expressed her hope that the N.A. Chairman will support the two court systems’ cooperation in the time ahead.

At the meeting

She also hoped the Vietnamese side will share experience in how the N.A. and the supreme court coordinate in settling complaints, and that the court system of Laos will receive coordination and experience sharing from relevant committees of the Vietnamese N.A.

The top legislator of Vietnam expressed his hope that in her position, Viengthong will join the Supreme People’s Court of Vietnam to promote the two courts’ cooperation and contribute to the great friendship, special solidarity, and comprehensive cooperation between the two countries.

He also asked his guest to help strengthen ties among Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

Voicing his support for the cooperation activities agreed at the talks between the two supreme courts’ leaders, Chairman Hue noted the Vietnamese N.A. is working to reinforce links with institutions of the political system, including the Supreme People’s Court.

The Vietnamese N.A. is ready to share experience in boosting the cooperation between the parliament and the supreme court, receiving citizens, and handling complaints and denunciations with the supreme court of Laos, he added.

The Chairman also highly valued the flourishing relations between the Vietnamese and Lao courts at all levels, adding he hoped this cooperation will continue, thereby further contributing to the traditional connections between the two countries.

Source: VNA