Marking the 73rd anniversary of Vietnam Wounded Soldiers’ and Martyrs’ Day (July 27), the event brought together Vietnamese diplomats, people, Buddhist dignitaries and investors living in Laos; representatives from Vientiane administration; and Lao veterans.

At the event

Speaking at the event, Vietnamese Envoy to Laos Trinh Thi Tam said the event provides an opportunity for Vietnamese living in Laos as well as Lao people to commemorate soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the two countries’ independence and freedom, and to recall how they had stood side by side to fight enemies, reunite and construct the nation.

She said 74 years ago, this area saw 28 Vietnamese and Lao soldiers falling bravely during an attack to the stronghold of Phonehe in Keun village, Thoulakhom, which was ultimately victorious.

The victory was significant to Vietnam – Laos joint military force at the early days of the two countries’ struggles for independence.

Tam emphasized that the two countries’ people are forever be grateful to the fallen soldiers, saying today’s generations will uphold their indomitable spirit to develop the two nations and nurture the Vietnam-Laos great friendship, special solidarity and comprehensive partnership.

Source: VNA