At the event

This year, 94 Lao and 28 Cambodian students, who achieved high academic records and actively joined in social activities and movements, were honored.

Among them, one achieved the title for six consecutive years, nine for five consecutive years, eight for four consecutive years, 11 students for three consecutive years, and 27 for two consecutive years.

Via the program, the organizing panel aimed to promote the examples of the excellent Lao and Cambodian students and encourage other Lao and Cambodian students studying in Vietnam to try their best to achieve best results during their study in the city.

According to Ms. Ong Thi Ngoc Linh, Head of Students & Youth Affairs Division of the Youth Union chapter of Ho Chi Minh City shared that more than 450 Lao and Cambodian students are living and studying in the city. During their stay in the city, the students receive special care and favorable living and learning conditions.

Over the past 15 years, the city has honored 801 Lao and Cambodian students. They have been expected to develop the friendship between Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia in the future.

Translated by Khanh Ngan