The event was co-hosted by the Embassies of Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam in Mexico.

Participants at the ASEAN Family Day. Source: vietnam+

Speaking at the event, Thai Ambassador Rommanee Kanaruak, who is the current chairman of the ASEAN Committee in Mexico (ACMC), highlighted the significance of exchange friendship activities in 2018.

He also called for all ASEAN’s diplomatic representative agencies in Mexico to continue uniting and supporting each other in order to prove the ASEAN’s spirit in all field.

Numerous activities including folk games and art performances were organized during the event while many traditional dishes were offered to participants. Vietnamese “nem ran” (fried spring roll) was a favorite dish among visitors.

Over the past years, the ACMC has conducted numerous charity activities and visits to Mexican states to foster all-around cooperation between ASEAN nations and the host country.

Source: VNA