Talking to Vietnam News Agency, Dr. Hoo Chiew Ping, a senior lecturer at the National University of Malaysia, said the summit, scheduled to take place in Washington D.C. on May 12 and 13, is the second of its kind to be held since 2016 and the first with in-person participation of ASEAN and U.S. leaders since 2017.

The Special ASEAN - U.S. Summit is significant to mark the 45th anniversary of the two sides’ dialogue relations. (Photo: Getty Images)

She said the summit will be a big test and also an opportunity for President Joe Biden to show that the U.S. will strengthen its ties with ASEAN.

The Biden administration knows the U.S. can only be successful in the Indo-Pacific region when it manages to attract coordination and contribution from its partners, she noted.

Hoo said through the summit, Biden will outline the U.S. target of a more effective economic solution to Southeast Asia in the post-pandemic economic recovery process.

In the context of disrupted global supply chains and economic impacts of the Russia - Ukraine tensions, the enhancement of economic links with the U.S. could help make up for the serious supply chain disruptions, according to the expert.

Both Malaysia and Vietnam are part of the semiconductor supply chain for major manufacturers to produce electronic devices. While ASEAN wants to make use of U.S. investment, Washington D.C. also wishes to gain trust from the bloc’s members to move its factories to regional countries, she added.

Source: VNA