Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim

Malaysia has received a list of investors from countries such as those in Europe, the U.S., China, India and several countries around Asia who will be monitoring developments in Malaysia themselves, especially from the economic aspects, he said in his New Year 2023 message.

He expressed his hope that there is a new focus that can increase and drive the country’s economic growth more convincingly, as Malaysia is a trading country with an impressive economic growth rate based on the efforts to secure domestic and foreign investment.

Besides political stability and good governance, another step that should be taken is to speed up the approval process by ensuring that Malaysia is not a place where leaders amass wealth and look for commissions, he said.

The Malaysian PM warned that he will not tolerate public servants and enforcement bodies found to be "negligent" in their duties with their "old practices" of asking for kickbacks and imposing additional costs.

Source: VNA