In his remarks at the inauguration of the ASEAN Newsroom, Indonesia’s Minister of Communication and Informatics Budi Arie Setiadi highlighted efforts to raise public awareness of and promote public participation in various ASEAN agendas.

Indonesia has established an ASEAN Newsroom or "ASEAN News Office" at the media center of the 43rd ASEAN Summit. Photo: New Straits Times

A people-centered approach will promote solidarity among Southeast Asian communities, while cooperation between news agencies from ASEAN member states will facilitate the exchange and dissemination of information, he said.

According to ANTARA News Agency's President Director Akhmad Munir, the establishment of ASEAN Newsroom, a concept initiated by ANTARA, aims to work and exchange ideas, transcending borders and language barriers to foster unity and understanding between culturally diverse nations.

Its main mission is to bridge the gaps that exist between ASEAN countries, clarify the challenges to achieving success in the ASEAN community, and foster a sense of mutual belonging among ASEAN citizens, he continued.

The existence of the ASEAN Newsroom can be a starting point for strengthening not only relations between news agencies in the ASEAN region but also various media from ASEAN member countries that are expected to contribute to efforts to enrich regional perspectives and awareness in reporting various important events in the ASEAN region, Munir noted.

In the long term, the ASEAN Newsroom has the potential to become an ASEAN data bank that can also be utilized by various parties outside the ASEAN region, he added.

Source: VNA