International diners have been satisfied with a lot of delicious dishes of the Vietnamese cuisine and culture thanks to fresh ingredients, exquisite processing, and the chefs' unlimited creativity. Looking back at the past year, various Vietnamese dishes appeared on foreign newspapers, attracting much attention of a large number of people around the world.

The French news agency Agence France Presse (AFP) had an article introducing cha ruoi (nereididae sandworm omelette) - one of a popular specialty of Hanoi in winter.

Cha ruoi (nereididae sandworm omelette)

"The delicious hot nereididae sandworm omelette is made from minced pork, mixed with eggs, dill, tangerine peel, and the most important ingredient - nereididae sandworm. The dish appears from shops and stalls in some streets to kitchens of Vietnamese people," AFP wrote.

Earlier, three Vietnamese treats including “bun rieu” (noodle soup with freshwater crab), snails and "banh mi" in Hoi An were also listed among the top 21 dishes of the year by the Australian travel website Traveller.


According to Traveller, different types of snails with different methods of cooking are “all delicious”, particularly when paired with cold beer and a humid evening.

"Bun rieu cua" is described as one of the most attractive dishes of Vietnamese cuisine with a fragrant soup made from crushed freshwater crabs along with noodles, crab meat, fried tofu, and fresh herbs. Especially, the price of each bowl is not expensive, and suitable for many types of guests.

“bun rieu” (noodle soup with freshwater crab)

“Banh mi” in Hoi An, a Vietnamese dish which appeared in the culinary program of the late world famous chef Anthony Bourdain, is also on the list. The dish is one of the most delicious sandwiches in the world with a fresh, crunchy baguette filled with salad, pork, pate, fish sauce, mayonnaise and a hot fried egg.

“Banh mi” in Hoi An

In October, a giant bread in An Giang province was ranked among the world's top 15 weirdest foods by Cyprus-based travel site Brightside.

In the list of "World's 50 best foods” announced by CNN (Cable News Network) in March 2018, Vietnam has two dishes such as Goi cuon (fresh spring rolls) and “Pho” (Vietnamese noodle soup). The main ingredients for making Goi cuon are boiled pork, herbs, rice vermicelli and rice paper. It is served with special fish sauce.

Goi cuon (fresh spring rolls)
"Pho" (Vietnamese noodle soup)

As a symbol of the Vietnamese culinary culture, Pho is present anywhere around the country. Each region has its own way of cooking, however, it is still a bowl of noodles made with beef or chicken, charming flavor, and delicious broth.


Translated by Lam Anh