It takes nearly three hours driving from the district's center to the village, which is home to the Hmong ethnic group.

A poetic view of the village (Photo:

Ngai Thau, which means “rock peak” in the Hmong language, has lower temperature compared to surrounding areas due to the high altitude. During the rice harvest season, ripen rice in Thien Sinh valley and the massive Then Pa terraced fields of the Ha Nhi people and Hmong people seems to overlay the mountain slopes and valleys with a layer of gold.

The concrete road leads to the mountainous village shrouded by cloud. Previously, the village used to be an isolated and mysterious area, as only strong young Hmong men with excellent driving skill could negotiated the arduous old road to reach the village with motorbike. Villagers then did not have access to power or telecommunications services.

The new-style rural area building program has breathed a new life into the village. The district government has approved a plan on turning Ngai Thau Thuong into a community-based tourism site, with around 200 households participating.

The program defines the preservation of the forest landscape, the architecture of traditional Hmong houses, the craft of weaving, brocade making, and the farming of local specialties as solutions to sustainable poverty reduction in the area.

Source: VNA