The special national relic site of Dong Loc Junction

For tourists who start their trip from Hanoi, 48-hour tour is highly recommended by local people. Below are must-visit destinations and must-try dishes when staying in the Central province for two days.

Departing from Hanoi, tourists can stop in Vinh city of Nghe An province and try some eel dishes for lunch. Famous eel restaurants in the city are Hong Son on Mai Hac De street and Ba Ngo on Doc Thiet street.

Thien Cam Beach

After lunch, tourists can head to Can Loc district, Ha Tinh province to visit the special national relic site of Dong Loc Junction to learn about the history and listen to stories about ten young female volunteers and their sacrifices. Located around 40km from Vinh city, Dong Loc Junction was one of the crucial traffic points that was heavily bombed by the U.S. military during the resistance war against American imperialists.

The next destination is Thien Cam which is a famous beach in the Central province. Situated 20km from the center of Ha Tinh city, Thien Can is credited as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Central region. The ideal time to visit Thien Cam is from April to August.

Ke Go Lake 

Tourists can choose to stay in Seabird Hotel, Lamer Thien Cam, Tre Nguon, Sao Mai hotels with prices ranging from VND 300,000 to VND 1.8 million per night. Famous restaurants are Bien Xanh, Nga Loc, and Que Lien.

When staying in Thien Cam, tourists should not miss the experience of welcoming the dawn and having porridge and seafood noodles.

The next destination is Ke Go Lake which has been the inspiration for poets and musicians. As the largest man-made freshwater lake in Ha Tinh, Ke Go is part of the Ke Go Nature Reserve and located 25km West of Thien Cam Beach. This area is ideal for taking photos and camping.

Vung Ang is famous for delicious dishes from fresh squid.

Another destination that tourists should not miss when staying in Ha Tinh is Vung Ang in Ky Anh district. Besides being a vibrant economic area, this area, which is 70km from the center of Ha Tinh city, is also famous for delicious dishes from fresh squid.

Source: Vnexpress

Translated by Tran Hoai