In fact, no one knows when tourists first flocked to Mu Cang Chai to enjoy such attractive rice fields. However, when fall comes, thousands of tourists choose Mu Cang Chai as their favorite destination to immerse themselves in the majestic and poetic space to watch paragliders flying over terraced fields and the playing of folk games which are typical of local ethnic minorities.

Also in Mu Cang Chai, tourists can experience local people’s warm sentiment, drink corn liquor, join the Xoe dance of the Thai ethnic minority group, and see H’mong girls embroidering traditional patterns on their textiles and weaving brocade.

Here are several photos of Mu Cang Chai in its golden season.

Joys of H’mong ethnic people over their golden rice fields
“Flying over the golden seasons” in Mu Cang Chai is a dream for any tourist.
Joining a Xoe dance of the Thai ethnic group

Translated by Mai Huong