Photo: nhandan.com.vn

The move comes as part of a long-term program known as the "Four seasons of love" which will run alongside the airline's campaign series known as “Flights of Nation”.

During this period, it is anticipated that customers of the airline will consume approximately 2,000 kilos of Canh oranges.

Vietnam Airlines has specifically selected fruits which are produced in growing areas that follow standards set by VietGap in Luc Ngan district of Bac Giang province. It is hoped that this will ensure that all passengers are given fruits that are both fresh and of high quality.

In addition, the oranges will be accompanied by a certificate of food safety issued by a competent authority.

In recent times, the airline has consistently served passengers with a variety of fresh seasonal fruits from all regions of the country, including green-skin grapefruits, Hoa Loc mangoes, Tay Ninh melons, Binh Thuan dragon fruit, Luc Ngan litchi, and Hung Yen longan.

The "Four seasons of love" program has served to introduce various regional specialties to customers whilst simultaneously elevating the nation’s image to international friends.

Source: VNA