To date, donors, businesses, entrepreneurs, collectives, and individuals at home and abroad have not only participated in but also contributed money, medical equipment and supplies and food, with a total value of tens of thousands of billion Vietnamese dongs to effort to the prevention and control of the pandemic and the protection and care for people’s health.

Doctors and nurses across the nation join hands in the fight against COVID-19.

Despite their own difficulties, many overseas Vietnamese have collected and sent medical supplies, food and cash to the home country; shared experience in pandemic prevention and control; and even volunteered to join the frontline against the pandemic.

Up to now, overseas Vietnamese have sent more than 60 billion VND (2.6 million USD) to assist the country, along with medical equipment and products. In addition, nearly 30 Vietnamese associations in France, the U.S. and Canada have launched such campaigns as “Join hands for Vietnam” and “10,000 doses of vaccine for Vietnam” around the world.

These noble gestures all come from the heart's command, contributing to the fight against the pandemic in Vietnam, and showing the love for the motherland, the spirit of mutual affection and the tradition of good solidarity of the Vietnamese people.

Given the current complexity of COVID-19 with the fast spread of the virus that threatens people’s health and all aspects of life, Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong called on the entire Party, military and people at home and abroad to try harder and intensify their solidarity and determination in order to push back the pandemic.

He expressed his belief that such will and actions coupled with support from international friends would result in a victory in the fight, contributing to common global efforts for a world of safety, peace, friendship, cooperation, and prosperity.

Source: VNA