The locality has 63 households with 300 people, and all of the population of the hamlet is H’mong ethnic minority people. The rate of poor and near-poor households in the locality is quite high.

According to Party Secretary of Can Lung hamlet Gia Mi Cong, in the past, people in Can Lung face numerous difficulties and challenges as the only 1m-wide road to the village is curved with many slopes. Traveling in sunny days is difficult, but it is more challenging in rainy days.

The road is under construction.

Understanding the difficulties confronting local people, leaders of Can Chu Phin commune called on benefactors and charity groups to support the upgrading and expansion of the road.

In addition, the commune’s officials promoted information dissemination and mobilized local people to donate their land to road construction which started in June 2022. The road with the total length of 3.8km and width of 3m is being constructed with an estimated investment of VND 1.5 billion donated by sponsors inside and outside the province.

The road construction has made local people excited and happy. They have encouraged one another to contribute their efforts to soon complete the construction. As scheduled, the road will be completed and put into use in October.

Gia Mi Po, a local in Can Lung hamlet, said that the wide concrete road will help brighten the physiognomy of the locality. Everyone is happy and excited.

Party Secretary of Can Chu Phin commune Luong Vu Khoa said that once completed the road will facilitate local people’s travel, transport, and exchange of agriculture products, contributing to fulfilling hunger elimination, poverty reduction, and socio-economic development goals, consolidating defense and security, and strengthening the rural road system.

The commune’s leader promised to do his utmost to complete the road to mark the 60th anniversary of the foundation day of Meo Vac district (December 15, 1962 - 2022).

It can be affirmed that, once operational, the road to Can Lung hamlet will meet the demand for convenient travel of local people. Along with that, Can Chu Phin commune will continue calling on sponsors and charity groups to donate to build houses for local people, guide people to develop economy and convert plants, contributing to change the physiognomy of the poor locality.

Translated by Tran Hoai