Sung Mi Sinh and his wife (center) hold the petition to escape poverty.

Sung Mi Sinh, born in 1984, in Khuoi Luong village, Niem Son commune, wrote such a petition. For a disadvantaged ethnic minority family in mountainous area like Sinh’s family, this was really a bold decision.

Getting married in 2007, Sinh started the private life from scratch. In more than 15 years, his family was benefited from the State’s policies from financial to education support. His oldest son is now a tenth grader. Sinh’s family’s life is better now. 

Explaining the reason for writing the petition of escaping poverty, Sinh said that his children has grown up, he and his wife are healthy and still young, so they can do farming and husbandry to make a living and take care of their three children.

Sixty-years-old Vang Dung Sinh also wrote a similar petition. He said that the State and other relevant units and people had created conditions for his eight-member family so their life has become better. “I want other disadvantaged households to get benefits from these policies,” the elderly stressed. Sinh’s decision was greatly supported by his family members, especially his two children who are working for a garment company in Bac Giang province with stable income.

The good deeds of the families of Sung Mi Sinh and Vang Dung Sinh have been multiplied in the village and the commune. In the first nine months of this year, four households in Niem Son commune have written petitions to get off the list of poor households. This was meaningful to encourage other poor households to develop economy and escape from poverty by their own.

Sung Mi Sinh taking care of his family's herd of cows

Ha Van Thanh, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Niem Son commune, Meo Vac district, shared that as the leader of the locality, he was touched with the writing of such petitions of many local households. He added that this big change from thinking to awareness in a correct and comprehensive way will spread strongly in the community.

In a talk with Ngo Manh Cuong, Vice Chairman of Meo Vac district People’s Committee, he said that the district strives to reduce nearly 1,500 multi-dimensional poor households this year, a reduction of 8.53%. With the motto of “Leaving no one behind,” the district has sped up dissemination work to basically change the thinking, awareness, and actions of local officials, party members and the entire society regarding poverty reduction work. It has also actualized many poverty reduction policies and programs and multiplied role models in escaping poverty, and households voluntarily asking for escaping poverty.

H’mong ethnic families’ petitions of escaping poverty demonstrate the H’mong people’s awareness of developing household economy and eliminating the idea of relying on the State and at the same time, demonstrate the creative ways of local authorities in directing, closely following and paying attention to all aspects of people's life.

Translated by Chung Anh