Recently, meeting Siu Luy, Secretary of the Youth Union Organization of Ia Pet commune, we were really impressed with his responsibility. He not only took young ethnic people to enter school at Gia Lai College but also regularly called them to ask about their learning situations.

Ethnic minority youth in Ia Pet commune attending vocational training class at Gia Lai College

Even when their parents in the commune wanted to take their children home because they missed them, Siu Luy encouraged the parents to make them feel more secure. When students dropped out of school and returned home, he came to their houses to mobilize and bring them back to class. These deeds have contributed to increasing the number of young ethnic people in Ia Pet commune studying at vocational education facilities each year.

According to Nguyen Phi Cung from the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs of Ia Pet commune, this result came from the regular dissemination activities about the benefit of vocational training and efficiency of career counseling of the local authority, the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs of Dak Doa district, and teachers in Ia Pet commune and lecturers from Gia Lai College. 

Nguyen Song Toan, Vice Chairman of Ia Pet commune People’s Committee, said that the commune has 5 out of 8 villages facing extremely difficult conditions. The whole commune has more than 8,400 people, of which ethnic minority ones account for 89% and the rate of poor households is high (9.26%). Moreover, there have remained some backward practices. After finishing secondary school, most students leave school to stay home and work in the forests or fields.

Therefore, over the past time, the commune’s People’s Committee has paid much attention to mobilizing youths, particularly ethnic ones, to go to vocational schools. Furthermore, thanks to the State's policy of free vocational training at the intermediate level for students graduating from secondary school, many students registered to attend vocational schools. Currently, students participating in the vocational class at Gia Lai College have stable jobs with an average income of VND 300,000-350,000 per day.

The increasing number of young ethnic people in Ia Pet commune joining vocational training classes demonstrated the due attention of the governments at all levels and the responsibility of training facilities in connecting with businesses to create more jobs for young ethnic people. The examples of ethnic youths in Ia Pet commune have contributed to changing the way of thinking and working of ethnic minority people in the locality.

Translated by Quynh Oanh