At a discussion during the legislature’s ongoing sixth plenary session on the implementation of the N.A.'s resolutions on the national target programs on new-style rural area building for 2021-2025, sustainable poverty reduction for 2021-2025, and socio-economic development in the mountainous and ethnic-inhabited areas for 2021-2030, the official said that this is the first time the legislative body has conducted the concurrent mid-term supervision over the three national target programs, and supervision has been conducted on the Government, 11 ministries and sectors, and 15 provinces representing all regions.

National Assembly deputies at the legislature’s ongoing sixth plenary session

Regarding the program on new-style rural area building, he said that the minimum capital approved for the program for the 2021-2025 period is VND 196.3 trillion (nearly USD 8 billion).

As of June 30, 6,022 out of the 8,177 communes, or 73.65%, and 263 out of the 644 district-level units, or 40.8%, had been recognized as new-style rural areas. There were also 1,331 advanced and 176 model new-style rural communes. Nineteen provinces and centrally-run cities have 100% of their communes meeting all criteria.

However, he pointed to several shortcomings, including slow disbursement of central budget, overlap in direction and guiding documents, lack of drastic directions of several localities, and the poorly uniform results in building new-style rural areas.

Regarding the 75-trillion-VND national target program on sustainable poverty reduction, the official said that the program has basically achieved goals of reducing the rate of poor households and the rate of poor ethnic minority households as set out in the N.A.’s Resolution 24.

Along with the slow allocation of central budget, the official stated that poor districts still pay attention to assessing the decrease in the poverty rate, without having accurate evaluation on the increase in annual per capita income.

As for the 137.6-trillion-VND program on socio-economic development in the mountainous and ethnic-inhabited areas, Y Thanh Ha Nie Kdam stated that the program initially helps narrow the gap in living conditions and incomes between these areas and the national average.

He cited the Government report as saying that the poverty rate among ethnic households in 2022 reduced by 3.4%, surpassing the assigned target.

The N.A. supervision delegation proposed the Government and the Prime Minister direct ministries and sectors to review, amend, and supplement inappropriate mechanisms and policies; and soon address shortcomings and difficulties related to land, housing, production land, water for daily activities, and planning for the mountainous and ethnic-inhabited areas.

Source: VNA