Nguy Thi Khanh, director of Vietnam’s Green Innovation and Development Center (GreenID), said the workshop aims to create a forum to identify related barriers and solutions to capitalizing on co-benefits.

Participants of the round-table dialogue. Photo:

The event consisted of two discussion rounds with the participation of five Vietnamese and foreign speakers.

Le Hoang Anh, Deputy Head of the Northern Center for Environmental Monitoring under the Vietnam Environment Administration, attributed air pollution in urban areas in Vietnam to large and fast increasing number of transport vehicles, widespread construction and industrial production using outdated technology and violations of environmental protection regulations.

She suggested a number of measures, including controlling emissions from transport, construction and industrial activities, raising public awareness on the matter, curbing the use of beehive coal stoves, and ultilizing clean energy sources.

Tran Dinh Sinh, vice director of the GreenID, recommended Vietnam studies three scenarios related to electricity planning, renewable energy, and energy saving.

Participants said the country should consider the contribution of energy efficiency and renewable energy in its Power Master Plan VII.

They suggested competent agencies examine and complete emission standards for specific sectors, move polluted facilities to suburban areas, and promote environmentally friendly production.

Source: VNA