Source: OECD 
The Ministry of Education and Training announced on December 6 that Vietnam was ranked eighth in science with 525 points, 22th in mathematics with 495 points and 32th in reading with 487 points among 72 countries and territories participating in the survey in 2015.

About 10 percent of students were top performers in science, proving their confidence in dealing with complex modern technological and scientific problems.

The survey, administered every three years by the OECD, provides education rankings based on international tests taken by 15-year-olds in maths, science and reading. It is designed to measure whether students can apply what they’ve learned in school in real-life problems.

Last year, 188 educational facilities and 5,826 students in Vietnam were chosen for PISA assessment in late April 2015. Vietnam first participated in PISA survey in 2012 and will continue the tests in 2018.

The PISA results have proved tremendous development and significant achievements of Vietnam education in recent years. They have helped Vietnam reform local examination methods towards student performance assessment. Meanwhile, through the tests, students can develop their creativity, independent thinking and ability to apply knowledge in daily life.

Participating in PISA is a positive way to prepare for the education reform with new textbooks which focus on student potential development.

Source: VNA