At the meeting

The 57-year-old Da Nang man is a typical community infection case with the outside source coming into the central city. His sample was confirmed positive on July 25 morning to SARS-CoV-2 that causes the disease.

The Da Nang Diseases Control Centre has conducted tests for 105 people who had close contact with the patient, and they all turn out negative. It is currently listing those having contacted with the patient to conduct tests and quarantine.

The health ministry has sent experts and equipment to Da Nang to help contain the outbreak, and dispatches to relevant ministries and authorities urging them to intensify the control and management of the immigration of foreigners.

Speaking at the session, PM Phuc directed relevant ministries and authorities to keep calm and look for ways to prevent the infection in the community. There must be timely and necessary decisions in the time to come, particularly in major cities, in the pandemic fight, he stressed.

Source: VNA