All of the new patients are related to the Central city of Da Nang, the current pandemic hotspot.

Of the total cases, 317 are imported who were quarantined right after their arrival

A medical staff checks temperature of a man at a checkpoint in Quang Ngai Province, which has reported one Covid-19 infection.

There are currently 178,695 people who had close contact with COVID-19 patients or entering Vietnam from pandemic-hit regions are being quarantined nationwide, including 5,252 at hospitals, 27,798 at other concentrated quarantine facilities, and 145,645 at home.

As many as 395 or 48.6 of the total patients have made full recovery. Among those under treatment, nine have tested negative for SARS-CoV-2 that causes the disease once, and 37 others at least twice.

Source: VNA