Most Venerable Thich Thien Nhon, chairman of the council, said that in the 2022-2027 period, the Executive Council is determined to uphold discipline and precepts as well as the spirit of solidarity and harmony; build and develop a strong VBS in international integration; and stay firm on the path of serving the ideal of "Dharma - Nation - Socialism."

At the session

Monks, nuns and Buddhist followers nationwide will promote patriotism, actively build the great national unity, respond to patriotic emulation movements, and join hands with people across the nation in striving for the goal of “wealthy people, strong country, democracy, justice, and civilisation.”

The VBS will promote the dissemination of Buddha's teachings in all aspects of social life, and innovate the method of guiding Buddhists to practice Buddhism in accordance with the modern society, and all social classes.

In this tenure, the Executive Council will continue to preserve and promote the value of Vietnamese Buddhist culture, step up the organisation of charitable activities, and encourage monks, nuns and followers to actively participate in poverty reduction movements and social welfare programs.

Source: VNA