“Ghen Co Vy,” based on the melody of the V-pop hit “Ghen (Jealous),” is a work by composer Khac Hung, in collaboration with the National Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health.

A shot in the animated video of "Ghen Co Vy". (Photo courtesy of the National Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health)

It’s performed by the tune’s original singers Erik and Min.

“As the coronavirus continues to spread, governments are taking actions in an attempt to keep their countries’ residents safe. Vietnam in particular seems to have nailed the awareness strategy by releasing a wildly catchy public service announcement (PSA) promoting preventative measures such as hand-washing and sanitation, as highlighted on the latest episode of HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,” wrote the article.

The infectious track got so much attention it sparked a trending dance called the #ghencovychallenge on TikTok, choreographed by popular dancer Quang Dang, it continued.

Since his post, hundreds of others have put their own spin on the dance, which includes swagged-out movements mimicking hand-scrubbing.

Source: VNA