The Government Office on January 6 released an announcement of the Deputy PM’s conclusion at a recent meeting on rail transport.

According to the document, the railway sector is facing an array of difficulties and challenges: the national infrastructure in this field has yet to receive due investment, the sector’s market share been shrinking while road and air transport booming, and the lingering COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected infrastructure upgrade, rail transportation of passengers, as well as the VNR’s performance.

Railway sector asked to reform mindset to boost development (Photo for illustration)

As the pandemic remains complicated, Deputy PM Thanh told the VNR to reform its mindset, take more drastic and proactive moves, and adopt new solutions and methodology to deal with outstanding problems and strongly develop the sector in the time ahead.

The State-owned enterprise should bravely propose breakthrough mechanisms, policies, and solutions, turn difficulties and challenges into opportunities for development in the new context, conduct flexible transformation, and promptly build a new business plan to optimize advantages of rail freight transportation to give timely assistance to other modes of transport.

More attention should be paid to railway infrastructure development and efforts made to attract private resources to rail transport.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Transport and related ministries and agencies need to prioritize investment for railway infrastructure and tackle difficulties to facilitate the sector’s development, the Deputy PM said.

Source: VNA