The 66,752 Euro (72,323 USD) project, sponsored by UP Transfer - Potsdam University of Germany, was implemented between 2021 and 2023.

People see some results of  project on enhancing women's role in increasing the resilience o the coastal community and eco-system in the Central region of Vietnam.

Its main components include building a mangrove nursery managed by the community and planting Sonneratia caseolaris (commonly known as mangrove apple) in the lagoon area of Hai Duong commune, Hue city.

The project coordinated with the Women's Unions of communes near Tam Giang lagoon to organize communications activities on ecosystem-based natural disaster risk reduction and contests for ecosystem-based livelihoods adaptation to climate change and evaluate project effectiveness.

Tran Van Sang from the Institute of Ecology and Construction Protection said that the techniques applied in the project have helped the mangrove to sprout, develop foliage and grow well, creating habitats for birds to live in.

However, the restoration of mangrove forests in the province still faces difficulties because of unfavorable weather conditions, people’s fishing activities in the mangrove planting area, and the threat from harmful organisms such as worms, he said.

The project not only focused on mangrove afforestation but also on women’s role in all activities of seeding, planting, communication, and livelihood development.

Vice President of the provincial Women's Union Ngo Thi Anh Tuyet said under the project, contests seeking communication and livelihood initiatives were organized in the province, motivating locals to learn about climate change, ecosystems, mangroves forests, and sustainable livelihood models.

Source: VNA