Doctors conducting the lung transplant operation 
Previously, on February 21, doctors of the military hospital collaborated with Japanese experts in conducting the first-ver human lung transplant in Vietnam.

In the letter, the PM praised all doctors' efforts, saying that the success has demonstrated high expertise and abilities of the Vietnamese doctors in general and military doctors of Hospital 103 in particular, The success has increased the Vietnam medical sector’s prestige and contributed to beautifying the Vietnam People’s Army’s traditions and medical sector, in the buildup to the 62nd anniversary of Vietnamese Doctors’ Day (Feb 27).

The PM expressed hope that the military hospital’s doctors would continue upholding Uncle Ho’s teaching: “A physician must be as  dedicated as the mother”; and wished them to achieve more successes in organ transplants, and provide better healthcare for troops and people in the coming time.

On the occasion, the PM also sent a message of congratulations to newly lung-transplanted child patient Ly Chuong Binh and his family; and thanked Japanese experts for their assistance.

Translated by Hong Thanh