The qualifying round of this year’s competition drew the participation of more than 800 competitors from 50 universities, colleges and academies in the city.

At art performance at the opening ceremony

In this round, in 30 minutes, competitors answered 55 questions, including 50 main ones, on general knowledge of politics, economics, culture, social affairs, party organizations, youth union organizations, and others.

One hundred competitors with highest points in the qualifying round and good fitness will enter the first semi-final themed “Students’ association in my heart,” slated for May 9-14, in an online form.

The second semi-final in in-person form, under the theme “Leaders’ project,” is scheduled to take place from May 16 to June 5 at universities, academies and colleges, and other places in the city.

The final and awarding ceremony will be on June 17 at the city’s Youth Culture House.

Such a competition is a good chance to assess knowledge, skills, and competence of cadres of students’ associations at the grassroots level to develop suitable training programs for them. It also opens an opportunity for the participants to exchange, practice, during which good cadres will be found to be fostered in the time ahead.

Translated by Mai Huong