During the conflict, Cao Bang's economic infrastructure was severely damaged. However, the officers, soldiers and people of Cao Bang have overcome difficulties and been united to build a province of peace and prosperity.

Thanks to the attention and investment of the Party and the State, Cao Bang has got a facelift. The provincial authorities have made efforts to promote socio-economic development and improve people’s living standards. The locality has effectively implemented national target programs, focusing on agro-forestry development, promoting economic restructuring and poverty reduction.

Veterans of Regiment 567 contribute money to building a monument to commemorate their comrades in Hong Dinh commune, Cao Bang province’s Quang Hoa district.

Cao Bang aims for the development of the border economy and the tourism economy as spearheads. The province's foreign trade reached nearly USD 700 million in 2023, up 10% year-on-year. The number of tourists coming to Cao Bang was estimated at 1.9 million, 12% higher than its annual plan and an increase of 23% from pre-COVID-19 period in 2019. Among them, 34,000 were foreign tourists.

According to Hoang Xuan Anh, Chairman of the provincial People's Committee, Cao Bang has focused on improving its transport infrastructure to accelerate its socio-economic development and facilitate its exchanges with other localities in the region.

He said that attention has also been paid to the development of the border economy. Since 2021, it has granted licenses to nine projects in the border economic zone with a total registered capital of more than VND 437 billion (USD 1.78 million).

Now the province has 64 domestic and foreign investment projects capitalized at VND 9.6 trillion, of which 43 are operational.

Source: VNA