They need to strengthen and prioritize resources and personnel for 24/7 standby; and proactively supervise their concentrated information security monitoring and anti-malware systems to ensure timely detection and handling of network attack incidents and malware warnings, the ministry said.

Ministry orders solutions to ensure information security. (Photo for illustration)

Units are ordered to regularly check and update the latest security patches for their information systems based on alerts from the MIC’s Authority of Information Security and relevant agencies and organizations; review, inspect, assess, and address security loopholes; and remove malicious software from all servers and clients in the network system.

They are also to pay heed to regularly monitoring, receiving and addressing information security alerts through the National Cyber Information Security Incident Coordination Platform -, provided by MIC; and preparing a response plan to handle cyber-attack incidents and quickly restore normal operation of the information system in case of an incident.

Telecommunications and internet service providers, and those providing digital infrastructure and platforms must enhance their human resources for monitoring, supporting, and troubleshooting to ensure the safety and smooth operation of telecommunications and internet infrastructure; and fully implement protective measures to ensure early detection and timely prevention of cyber-attacks, dissemination of malicious information and illegal information, the ministry noted.

Telecommunications and internet service, and digital platform providers were also asked to strictly and promptly implement solutions as required by the ministry and authorised agencies.

Source: VNA