They are iMapVietnam at, impactUP at, and V.innovate at

Team developing iMapVietnam platform (Photo:

Specifically, iMapVietnam is a business authentication and impact measurement platform for businesses doing business for sustainable development in Vietnam.

Meanwhile, impactUP is a platform for training, incubating, and accelerating social entrepreneurship in and among Vietnamese people; and V. innovate is an assessment platform for the innovation-start-up ecosystem and social impact for universities and localities.

IID is a not-for-profit science and technology organization under the Asia-Pacific Economic Center (VAPEC). It is positioned as a leading research institute in the field of innovation for sustainable development, with three pillars of activity: creativity and knowledge sharing; capacity building; and resource connection.

Prof., Dr. Vo Dai Luoc from VAPEC welcomed the platforms announced this time, and stressed the importance of innovation in the current situation.

He also emphasized the need to consider learning from the experience of countries around the world to shorten the application process in practice in Vietnam.

Source: VNA