Falmi Director Tran Thi Anh Dao said that the labor market witnesses a trend of increase in quantity and reduction in the demand on laborers for simple jobs.

Specifically, the city’s demand of trained laborers is 78.23 percent, including 23.68 percent of university graduates.

A rise is seen in the demand on laborers in industry, trade and service, real estate, transportation, storage, import-export. Many businesses are in need of laborers in financial-banking, architecture-construction, information technology, and electrics.

Photo: VNA

A Falmi survey showed that over 10,000 laborers are seeking for jobs in sale and marketing, accounting-auditing, office administration, transportation-storage-import-export, and mechanics-automation.

As many as 33.68 percent of them expect a wage from VND 5 - 8 million (USD 215 - 343) per month, while 25.49 percent request VND 8 - 10 million per month, 19.46 percent hopes for VND 10 - 15 million per month, 9.65 demands over VND 15 million monthly and 11.72 percent wish for under VND 5 million per month.

According to Assoc. Prof., Dr. Le Van Tan, Vice Principal of the Ho Chi Minh University of Industry, the majority of 5,000 vacancies offered in the recruitment festival held recently are in information technology, mechanics, automobile, electronics, environment, construction, finance and tourism.

He added that foreign recruiters focus more on laborers’ qualification and productivity.

It is forecast that in 2019, HCM City needs 320,000 laborers.

Source: VNA