Speaking at a conference to review the 10 years implementing the new-style rural area building in Hai Duong on October 2, the official noted that as of September this year, 190 out of the 220 communes in Hai Duong had been recognized as new-style rural areas, reaching 96.3 percent.

Outstanding individuals honored at the event

A further 11 communes, three districts and a city are expected to receive the same recognition by the end of this year.

Average per capita income in rural areas has reached 42.8 million VND annually, up 14.2 million compared to 2015. Meanwhile, the rate of poor households has dropped to 2.53 percent, while 91 percent of locals have health insurance, up 15 percent over 2015.

Since 2010, Hai Duong has mobilized over 44.4 trillion VND for the program.

Hai Duong is striving to finish new-style rural area building in 2021. The locality expects 20 percent of its communes to berecognised as advanced rural areas in 2025, together with 10 percent becoming model rural areas, with per capita income reaching 55 million VND per year and the poverty ratio brought down to under 1 percent.

Deputy Minister Tien advised Hai Duong to focus on reforming its growth model and developing clean and organic agriculture, while continuing implementing the “One Commune-One Product” program, and forming rural tourism products.

The province should also look at improving rural socio-economic infrastructure in line with urban development, enhancing the quality of healthcare and education services, and protecting the environment, he said.

Chairman of the People’s Committee of Hai Duong Nguyen Duong Thai said that in the future, the province will strengthen communication to enhance public awareness of the new-style rural area building program, while focusing on building advanced and model rural areas.

The province will also speed up the reform of the agricultural structure and IT application in production, and optimize resources for the program, he added.

On the occasion, the committee honored individuals and collectives with outstanding achievements in the program in the 2010-2020 period.

Source: VNA