The State-owned group noted it has asked its subsidiaries to make and carry out supply ensuring plans, with priority given to the venues of political and cultural events of localities.

EVN moves to guarantee power supply for National Day holiday. (Photo for illustration)

They must not interrupt the supply, except for handling incidents, while having to gear up personnel, equipment and supplies to make timely response to any circumstances.

Besides, units of the power sector will increase checks to deal with shortcomings of power facilities and coordinate with local authorities and armed forces to protect the system’s safety and prevent fires or explosions, the EVN said.

The firm has requested the National Load Dispatch Centre informed non-EVN power generators to stay ready to increase supply when necessary.

It has also told power corporations to order their affiliates to ensure service quality and work with local administrations to have a good grasp of the time and locations needing the most stable power supply during this occasion.

Source: VNA