All of the martyrs’ remains were found in Hamlet 5, Ea Bung commune, Ea Sup district. Earlier, To Duc Huy, a local in Hamlet 5, reported that his family discovered martyrs’ belongings. 

At the event

After that, martyrs’ remain search and collection team K51 of the Political Department of the provincial Military Command, in collaboration with Ea Sup district’s Steering Committee 24, Party Committee, authority, and people, conducted the search and collection of remains of fallen soldiers. Fifteen sets of remains were found, and all of them are unidentified.

Apart from martyrs’ remains, the collection team also found their belongings, including aluminum combs, spoons, ladles, hammocks, lighters, communication cords, rubber sandals, penicillin tubes, and toothbrushes, among others. Basing on the items found, the force determined that possibly these soldiers laid down their lives in the resistance war against the U.S. invaders for national independence.

At the ceremony, Ea Sup district’s representative expressed deep thanks and gratitude to fallen soldiers’ relatives who gave birth to and raised eminent sons of the nation. He affirmed that the Party Committee, People’s Council, People’s Committee, Fatherland Front Committee, armed forces, and people of Ea Sup district will strive to contribute to the building of prosperous Vietnam and a democratic, fair, and civilized society.

Earlier in 2021, Team K51 conducted surveys and collected three sets of remains of fallen soldiers in hamlet 5, Ea Bung commune. All of them have been unidentified.

Translated by Tran Hoai