In his remarks, Major General Ngo Van Giao, Director of the Department of Military Science under the Ministry of National Defense, stressed that the consequences of lingering toxic chemicals/dioxin left from the war have continued to affect human health and the environment in the country.

At the international conference held in Hanoi on May 30

Over the years, with the support and attention of the international community, Vietnam has made great efforts in researching, addressing, treating, and minimizing such impacts, reaping significant achievements.

However, there remained limitations and challenges in the work, including the slow progress due to insufficient resources in terms of funding, equipment, and technologies, incomplete victim surveys, and a lack of original records for victim identification.

The conference saw domestic and foreign participants sharing experiences regarding the collaboration and support for victims, and the establishment of criteria and requirements in designing dioxin treatment technologies and environmental monitoring solutions. Additionally, various important solutions were proposed to further promote the mitigation of the war aftermath in the time to come.

Source: VNA