This is the first in-person legal consultation for the Vietnamese employees after a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It brought together Vietnamese workers from Gyeonggi province’s Ansan city and its neighboring localities.

Pham Minh Duc, head of the EPS Office, speak at the event. (Source: TT)

Ta Thi Thanh Thuy, First Secretary of the Vietnamese Embassy in the RoK and head of the Vietnamese Labor Managemnet Boad in the RoK, thanked the Ansan Foreign Workers Support Center for its coordination with the EPS’s Vietnam Labor Management Office to organize the event.

She also lauded the role of foreign workers support centers in the RoK and Ansan in particular in supplying information to and dealing with concern of Vietnamese laborers in the country.

At the meeting, Pham Minh Duc, head of the EPS Office, spoke of new relevant policies and laws and cleared up the participants’ concern regarding contracts, salaries, insurance and contract termination procedures.

About 205,000 Vietnamese are living, working and studying in the RoK, of whom 27,000 have arrived under the EPS.

Source: VNA