Viet said that to meet the increasing demand for consular procedures, the Foreign Ministry has directed the Consular Department and related units to implement drastic measures to maximize the efficiency of receiving and handling dossiers.

Deputy spokesman of the Foreign Minister Doan Khac Viet

During the National Day holiday from September 1-4, the ministry upgraded technical infrastructure by installing more machines and equipment for the One-Stop Unit at the Consular Department.

The department has also made efforts to diversify the way it advises people, especially by encouraging them to use flexible forms of submissions (instead of direct submissions) such as via post or through local agencies for external affairs.

These measures have yielded positive results, Viet stated, adding that after the holiday, the department has been receiving an average of 360 dossiers per day (compared to 150-250 before). Notably, in the past three days, it received more than 1,000 dossiers and certified nearly 8,000 documents.

People no longer have to go home and queue for their turns the next day, he stressed.

Viet went on to say that the Consular Department has closely coordinated with the Foreign Ministry and local authorities to take measures to ensure security, order, and COVID-19 prevention and control.

Following the direction of the ministry, the department and the One-Stop Unit will continue to study and consult the Government on the simplification of consular certification and legalization procedures in particular and consular procedures in general, and strengthen the application of information technology to quickly and promptly handle citizens' requests.

Source: VNA