A book exhibition held at Hanoi National Library. Photo: Internet

The birth of Vietnam Library Association will help promote Vietnam library sector to integrate into the global and regional library associations.

Vietnam Library Association will be set up on Oct. 22 in a congress to be held at Hanoi National Library.

Under draft regulations, Vietnam Library Association is a socio-professional institution that is voluntarily established by individuals and organizations throughout Vietnam, who are involved in library field, or those who are keen on and enthusiastic with library related activities.

Currently, there are about 28,000 large libraries nationwide with 100 million of book titles and nearly 30,000 librarians. Moreover, thousands of smaller libraries set up by other organizations and individuals and book shelves at districts, communes and communal post offices are much attracting numerous readers.

Those libraries have been effectively operated, providing useful knowledge to book lovers and contributing to the modernization and industrialization of Vietnam.

Source: VOV

Translated by Mai Huong