He made the remarks at the third session of the 15th N.A. Standing Committee on September 22 which focused on reviewing a detailed plan on thematic supervision of planning work since the Law on Planning took effect.

Supervisory delegations should make suggestions on how to handle wrongdoings by organizations and individuals or problems that delay or obstruct law enforcement, Hue said.

An overview of the meeting

Presenting the report on the plan by the N.A.’s Economic Committee, the committee's chairman Vu Hong Thanh said that the purpose of thematic supervision is to comprehensively and objectively evaluate the execution of the Law on Planning, resolutions of the National Assembly and the N.A. Standing Committee, laws and ordinances amending and supplementing a number of articles related to the planning of the Government, ministries, localities and agencies.

The delegates at the meeting agreed with the committee’s report, saying the draft supervision plan was carefully prepared, closely following the requirements in N.A.’s Resolution No.19/2021/QH15, as well as those on the content and implementation roadmap.

Concluding the session, Vice Chairman of the National Assembly Tran Quang Phuong said that through discussion, the N.A. Standing Committee basically agreed with the content of the report.

The supervisory delegation should choose an appropriate time to carry out the supervision, avoiding overlapping with major conferences and events of the Government and of localities, ministries, and branches, he said, adding that it is essential for the delegation to carefully set forth a detailed plan for supervision activities as well as inform the subjects of the supervision in line with their functions and tasks.

Source: VNA