State President Vo Van Thuong addresses the meeting.

The number of cases handled by courts at all levels has increased about 6% annually while the quality of courts’ judging and settlement of cases has also recorded progress. The rate of the verdicts cancelled or amended due to subjective causes was low, under 1.5%, according to a report delivered at the meeting.

The application of information technology to hold online trials has helped save a large amount of money for the state budget and also won high evaluation from the public, said Chief Justice of the Supreme People’s Court Nguyen Hoa Binh, who is also a Politburo member and Secretary of the Party Central Committee.

Applauding the court sector’s achievements, President Vo Van Thuong highlighted a high rate of cases settled, a gradual decrease in the rate of cancelled or amended verdicts, improved quality of hearings, the timely and stringent settlement of economic and corruption cases, as well as the promoted IT application.

However, he also pointed out some problems and noted that amid the increasingly complicated crime situation, including economic and corruption crimes, and surging civil, business, trade, labor, and administrative disputes, courts’ judging activities will become more complex while the tasks of building a socialist law-governed State and judicial reform require better effectiveness and quality of judicial activities.

He asked the Party committees and leaders of all-level courts to step up judicial reforms, ensure the independence of courts, and develop a professional, modern, impartial, stringent, and incorruptible judicial system that serves the Fatherland and the people while protecting justice, human rights, citizens’ rights, the socialist regime, the State’s interests, along with the rights and legitimate interests of organizations and individuals.

At the event

The leader requested improved judgment of cases, especially those monitored by the Central Steering Committee for Corruption and Negative Phenomena Prevention and Control, and those infringing national security.

Each verdict or decision by courts must help strictly maintain discipline, create a healthy social, production and business environment, and protect the Party, State, people, and regime, he went on, adding that it must also be deeply imbued with the Party’s viewpoints and the nation’s ethical and humane values.

President Vo Van Thuong also underlined the need to continue improving the quality of court personnel; deal with those committing law violations or showing degradation in political thought, ethics or lifestyle; boost IT application; supply convenient judicial services for citizens; and guarantee transparency of courts’ activities.

Source: VNA